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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Betrayed (This Means War)

Here's another poem I wrote a while ago; it is my first one about love, so please feel free to critique it.

I took my heart,
Gave it to you,
As proof that my love,
Was genuine; true.

Yet how you abused it!
I was like your slave,
All I had to give,
To you I gave.

And even when I tried to help,
You dismissed me as just someone.
You gave the credit to someone else,
And ripped my heart apart.

You treated me,
Like your enemy.
You forced me down,
When I was weak.
Now I am strong,
And you are not,
You damned crackpot!
Don't try to act meek.

Above all,
You set me up,
For the sake of grades,
You messed my work up.
You plagiarized,
Pretended to sympathize,
Only to reveal,
My achilles' heel; emotions.

And anyone could guess,
What you did next.

This is no time,
For your apology,
The damage has been done,
Your fate has been sealed.

Now I loathe you,
Despise you to the core,
In other words,
This means war!

- Balram Sharma

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